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Dear Dr. Millard:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed listening to you on the American Family Radio program. I listen to KBDE out of Waco, Texas.

I am currently serving a 20 year sentence in state prison. Several months ago, I was placed in Administrative Segregation for allegedly being a gang member. I'm locked down in a cell by myself for 24 hours a day and do thankfully have a radio so I can listen to AFR, which just so happens to be the only Christaian station that I can get because my radio is FM, only and for some reason, I can't pick up any other Christian stations.

I gave my life to Jesus several years ago, but took it back a couple times if you can understand that. Well, after hearing your testimony, maybe you cannot. However, for some of us like myself, seem unable to keep our eyes on Christ and are drawn back to the world and its vices. I guess the parable of the seed sewn among the thorns is applicable in my case. Anyway, I have been running from God for a very long time. Finally, He has me in a place of my own making where I can no longer run and He has my complete attention. I've rededicated my life to Christ and asked Jesus back into my life to be my Lord and Savior and am daily picking up my cross to follow Him. I know that every time I stumble, and I do often in here, that He is ever faithful to pick me back up.

There are several brothers in Christ here, on my row and we all could use reading materials for learning and encouragement, but most of all to pass the time. This we have plenty of and I have the lesson of us all.

We were all shocked to hear about that the textbooks we learned from in school are not correct? That just blew my mind! How could the public allow something like that to happen? I remember learning all about Darwinism and believed all that until I came to know God's Word. Now that I know what I do, I don't understand why Christian parents don't force them to include creation in the textbooks. There is absolutely no evidence to even support Darwin's theory of evolution. I don't know -- maybe them teaching me that I evolved from an ape made me act like one. I doubt that, but I certainly was not a very nice guy out there in the free world. I just wanted you to know that I am a very guilty sinner, who is truly born again.

What I would like to ask from you is a copy of the books you have written. The prison staff in here do not handle our property with much care and stuff gets damaged all the time from "shakedowns" where they go through everything with a fine tooth comb looking for things we are not supposed to have. So if you have books that are damaged with or without covers, they would be ideal and I am pretty sure would be considered a charitable contribution. Anything you're able to send would be a real blessing to me and those around me and will surely be shared around. I am very much into history and hope that you will be able to send your books so we can learn our Christian heritage and American history.

May God richly bless you, and ministry. Thank you for your time and consideration.

In Christ's love,
DD, Texas



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