CHRISTIAN HERITAGE TOURS provided fascinating and unforgettable tours for thousands of participants of the national COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDY 25th ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE - August 17, 18, and 19, 2000, held in Arlington, Virginia. Each day, as part of the exciting program, CHRISTIAN HERITAGE TOURS A, B, and C were offered to enhance the delegates knowledge and understanding of America's rich Christian heritage, foundations and history. This is etched in marble, sculptured in bronze and painted upon wall and ceiling of our national landmarks, monuments, memorials and historic sites of one nation under God. Participants were thrilled to discover America's true Christian identity from original sources; brought to life by our competent, well-trained Christian Heritage Tour guides.

CHRISTIAN HERITAGE TOURS provided for the American Association of Christian Schools 1998 and 1999 Leadership Training Institutes were a valuable asset in preparing young men and women in the values, virtues, morals and principles inherent in America's original Christian heritage and history.

Every three years, CHRISTIAN HERITAGE TOURS has provided exciting, motivating and unforgettable tours for Youth for Christ, D.C. '91; Youth for Christ, D.C. '94; and Youth for Christ, D.C. '97 National Conference in Washington, D.C. Students, pastors, parents and educators have indelibly marked with America's rich Christian heritage and history, as brought to life by our well-trained and able Christian Heritage Tour guides. Students have been amazed to discover their nation's true Christian identity from original source and great master artists' works.

MERAACS Convention
Mid-Eastern Regional American Association of Christian Schools
November 1-2, 2001
Roland E. Powell, Convention Center
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