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The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) has approved  Christian Heritage Tours, Inc. to offer course work leading to Continuing Education Units for ACSI Certification in the area of Professional Studies.



September 10 & 11, 2019


My wife and I were fortunate enough to be in the group from

First Baptist Church which visited Washington D.C. in September.

We both wanted to thank you and let you know how much you

and your knowledge of American history, as well as your love and

devotion to our Lord added to our experience.  We will never

forget the trip or you because of it.


God bless,

M. & H. H.

Batavia, Ohio




August 6 & 7, 2019


We all want to thank you for your excellent guidance of Washington,

D.C.  The boys learned a lot and will grow to be strong Christian

soldiers!  It was a pleasure to meet you.


J. & S. V.

Dallas, Texas




September, 2019


My dear Dr. Millard,


I wanted to thank you again for leading the tour of our church group,

The First Baptist Church, as our guide with Christian Heritage Tours.

It was a delight to be guided by one so knowledgeable in our nation’s

history and how it relates to the Scriptures.


A.J. R.

Amelia, OH


January 17, 2019

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour you gave us.
We were with our Baptist Church from Plano, Texas, in January, 
2019.  We all came with the Right to Life March.  The bus was
so full, we got to ride with you alone.  I learned so much from
you.  Our Christian heritage is amazingly written all over 
Washington, D.C.  You taught and showed me much.  Thank
you so much. Thank you for your Christian teaching!   Praying 
for you often.  I loved meeting you.
Love and prayers,

Colleyville, Texas.




March 25 and 28, 2018


We were all so impressed with your knowledge

and kindness to share on our level.  Hope to see

you again.



R. U. and family

Alton, Illinois




The tour was truly informative and "life-altering" - so

much revisionism in history!  I am thankful for the

depth of knowledge and the insight into history

which you provide!  Thanks for everything and my

renewed interest in American patriotism!



Ellen U.

Augusta, Georgia

September, 2014



July 27 and 28, 2018.


I just wanted to let you know that the Hendleys had a

delightful time with you in D.C.  We have much to

learn and think about and your deep expertise was

refreshing to hear.  I am excited to see how God will

use this in our home.  God's best to you.





April 18-20, 2017

Riverside Christian School, FL
Notes from Students and Teachers

Thank you so much for all the knowledge you have
poured into this Christian Heritage Tour. We are
learning so much. Just thank you. J.L.

You are amazing at what you do. Thank you for
what you did for all of us. R.S. and A.W.

You go above and beyond what you’re supposed
to do. Best guide ever! V. P.
Scripture says, “He who walks with the wise shall
Be wiser.” I feel that I am a wiser person in the Lord
Jesus for having spent time with you this week. Thank
you for your investment into our lives. God bless you!

In Christ,
B. P. (Leader/Teacher)
Ephesians 6:19


Dear Dr. Millard,

Thank you so much for providing us such a wonderful Chrisian Heritage
Tour -
a "U.S. History class" throughout your tour!  Everyone enjoyed
each moment and learned many things from you.  The students will
surely remember this experience for a very long time!  We were also
very excited about reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with Paul Ryan,
Speaker!  Truly amazing.  Thank you for the wonderful educational
time.  I also appreciate your books.  I'm very excited about the "Isaac
Newton" book, our family's hero from World history.  We hope to plan
another Christian Heritage Tour with you in the near future.
May God bless you.  With gratitude, 

Manassas Homeschool, VA.
March 1, 2017


Thank you for the outstanding job you did yesterday escorting us through
the Capital and sharing your vast knowledge in regards to Christianity's
role in relation to the formation of our government.  Outstanding effort. 

Irvine, CA.
February 3, 2017


I have now been on three Christian Heritage Tours with my high school government and history classes.  I came away with new insights every time. Dr. Millard is a first-rate historian with an unparalleled command of the facts.  There was no question too difficult or obscure that she could not answer. It is clear that she has spent many years studying the primary sources. You will not receive a tour like this from any other source--certainly not the National Park Service!  The students and parents on the tour came away with a sense of the nation's rich, distinctly Christian heritage, and Dr. Millard does much to dispel the modernist critiques and fallacies of American history. She left us spell-bound as she brought to life the art and architecture of the nation's capital through powerful narratives of the people and the hand of God over our nation.  Demand for this field trip on my campus has been so overwhelming that I will be scheduling an additional trip.

I. Y., Instructor
Harvester Teaching Services
Home Educators of Virginia
October, 2016


Twice I have had the privilege of organizing groups to attend the Christian Heritage Tour. Catherine Millard is so well informed and passionate about this crucial aspect of our National identity. All were held spellbound by her captivating presentation. She is a fountain of godly knowledge and wisdom. Those on the tour were so grateful for all they learned. It truly was a memorable five star experience!

B.J.F. Immanuel Bible Church
September, 2016


"Amazing Tour! - God with Us."
                  School of the Ozarks
                                March, 2013

October 10, 2014
Dear Catherine,
The IFA board and staff would like to
express deep gratitude for all you do
for the Kingdom of God.  Your commitment
to communicate the truth of our Founding
Fathers is exemplary.  Everyone commented
on how touched they were by their time with
you.  We pray blessings on you in the mighty
name of Jesus!  May the Lord greatly encourage
and empower you to accomplish all that He has
put upon your heart.
David Kubal
Intercessors for America


 Thank you so much for our Christian Heritage Tours. We appreciate your time and effort in revealing and sharing the Christian heritage of our nation. God bless you in all your endeavors.  Thanks so much for what you have done. 

DK and CM
Russell Christian Academy, MS
April, 2013


Dear Dr. Millard,
I want to express my appreciation for the tours
that you provided the participants at our 25th
Anniversary Conference.  The feedback was
very positive.  The information you provide
is a real blessing and an eye opener to Christians
who want to understand their heritage more
In Christ,
Pat Robertson
Director of Conferences
Community Bible Study

March 29, 1999
Christian Heritage Tours

Dear Christian Heritage Tours,

I want to thank you for Christian Heritage Tours that Trinity Christian Academy
has had in the past. The tours were both very informative and biblically-world
based, which was of much importance to my eighth grade class. I also teach
American history from a providential perspective. Last year I was encouraged
to branch out to seek a variety of others to conduct our tour in Washington
and I came back disappointed. The richness and passion with which our tour
was led by Christian Heritage Tours in the past was just not there, and I felt
that although the children did get a Christian history tour, the ones that we
had with your company surpassed because of the knowledge and in-depth look
into the Christian aspects so important in our country's foundation.

We will once again be using Christian Heritage Tours in Washington this year.
I am looking forward to the tour in May of 1999 when we once again are given
an excellent foundation of the work of our founding fathers laid for us in America.

Sincerely in Christ,
Middle School Coordinator
Trinity Christian Academy
Jackson, Tennessee

In June of 2012, I took 28 students and chaperones from
our church in Northeast Mississippi to Washington, D.C.
for the sole purpose of participating in Christian Heritage
Tours with Dr. Millard, who was our personal tour guide
for 3 days in Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, Jamestown
and Yorktown.  After speaking with adults who went,
parents of students, and observing the growth of the
students themselves, I am most proud of this trip, regard-
ing spiritual growth in my students, than any camp or
even mission trip since my six-year ministry at this church.
Dr. Millard uses our nation's history to constantly glorify
God by bringing into view his providence, mercy and plan.
Dr. Millard worked with me for almost a year in planning
this trip.  She accommodated our needs very well and went
out of her way to make sure we were prepared with all the
details.  For example:  our students were required by my-
self to keep a photo journal with 15 entries from the
Christian Heritage Tours that each student chose.  She made
it a point to help by periodically highlighting certain photo
opportunities and facts for the journals throughout the tour. 
Her level of research and presentation of information was
often the topic of discussion with my students, setting an
example for them to always go to original sources and not
simply assume that given information is completely factual.
I cannot recommend this ministry enough in a short letter. 
I can say that I will return in two years, once new students
have rotated into my group.  I would be glad to recommend
Dr. Millard and Christian Heritage Ministries to anyone.  I also
would be glad to speak by phone to answer any other
questions about my experience.  I hope that your group is
ministered to in the way that my group was.
Daniel Jones
Senior High/College Minister
Tate Baptist Church
Student Ministries

September 7, 1988

Dear Catherine,

     Thank you so very much for taking a day out of your schedule to give us a tour of the things that are happening in our nation’s capital.

     I am returning the pictures and slides that I borrowed from you. Thank you very much for them.

     I pray that our viewers will be moved by what is taking place with the Christian heritage of this nation. And I pray that God will continue to use you in exposing this serious problem.

     Due to the allotted time for this segment, I was not able to include everything we shot that day.

     The segment will air September 18, 1988. Enclosed is a schedule of the stations and times, so you can locate it in your area. Also, as soon as the program is edited, we will be sending you a VHS copy of it.

Jim Swierenga
Coral Ridge Ministries
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dear Dr. Millard,

I hope it is not too late to say a heartfelt "thank you" for the enriching day our family spent with you during Inauguration Week.

You were remarkable to maintain such a pace, when you surely were dealing with jet lag from your journey just prior. I fretted that you did not have your warmest, most comfortable shoes to wear on that frigid day. We appreciate your making the effort and fitting our schedule.

The day was long and full, and everyone grew a bit weary at dusk. However, the proof was in the pudding. During the next 3 days while we were in Washington, I heard each one of my children make references to things you had said. The impact was made! The day with you was a big highlight of the trip for us. Thank you!

Being a teacher, I am always concerned about filling each moment with worthwhile information for my progeny. Sometimes, I know, I overlook the fun and relaxation but time is precious when filling young people with all they need to know to be equipped for their lives ahead.

You convinced them of the reality of revisionist history. You added to their knowledge of the Godly founders and founding principles. Christie was delighted not long ago to show me an interview in her high school paper. Her quotes about her Washington trip were all about the Godly heritage of our country, and Christie was proud to point that out to me.

We all learned more than we realized. You are a good teacher, and you made the facts "stick" in our heads. I began reading your books on the plane traveling home. They are valued resources now. Thank you for enlightening our lives and presenting life-changing challenges to knowledge acquisition.

B. F.

Christian Heritage Tours,

Thank you so much for sharing with us on our tour in July. It's obvious the time you have invested in finding out the truth of our Christian heritage & we are grateful ...

Many thanks,
Youth with a Mission

Dear Catherine,

I was in the group you took to the Library of Congress on Saturday the 19th (of August 2000) as part of the Community Bible Study Conference. As I said to you when I stepped off the bus, your presentation was magnificent. And because your response was to say, "Pray for me.", I along with my wife am doing just that. We are asking the Lord of heaven to continue working through you strongly - to protect and preserve His initial imprint upon our country. Thank you for answering the call to this noble ministry.

Sincerely yours in Him,
L. H.

Catherine Millard makes our Christian past come alive in the hearts of everyone I've seen take the tour... she's better than a good book.

Executive Director
Year of the Bible, 1983

As a Christian therapeutic residential home for troubled youth, Teen Challenge highly recommends the services of Christian Heritage Tours.

Executive Director
Teen Challenge for New Life, Inc.

The reports of the presidents' wives were glowing and full of excitement about not only the new things that they learned on the tour but also about your enthusiasm in discovering God's providence throughout the course of history in our great nation and your love for Him.

Christian College Coalition

The Christian Heritage Tour was a unique experience from which our students realized a deeper appreciation of the Christian perspective of our nation's capital. We were enriched by this educational tour presented with a Christian viewpoint.

Way of Faith Christian Academy

Thank you for your guidance to me regarding U.S. History Curricula for my 6th-10th graders.

We so enjoyed the portion of the Philadelphia tour that we experienced with you in October. I hope that we will have the opportunity at some future time to be a part of another of your guided tours. God has truly gifted you.

We're looking forward to the materials that we have requested. May God continue to use you in a mighty way for His kingdom.

Mrs Stephanie Wojtowick
(Nov 20, 2001)


October 1st, 2020

I pray God’s blessing on you and all that you put
your hand to do. You are very important to the
preservation of Christian heritage in this nation.
Every day when I teach in my American Government
Class, in my History Class, I refer to your work.

Thank you so much.

Mrs. J., History Teacher
Spearfish Classical Christian School



September 17, 2019


Dr. Millard,


Thank you so much for speaking at Freedom Christian School.

Your wealth of knowledge of our history is a treasure to our

country.  We gained so much insight into the Christian

foundations of America.  Knowing the history of those who

pledged “their lives, fortunes and sacred honor” brings a

gratitude and patriotism to our hearts.  Thank you for all that

you do to keep the truth alive.  Keep up your kingdom work of

“creating a reservoir of truth” in the minds and hearts of our

future leaders.




Freedom Christian School




November, 2009


Dear Catherine,


I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your presentation

at the Calvary Christian School on November 3.  I went away

so extremely moved by the truth of our Godly heritage.  Even

though I have always known that America was founded on

Christ, I have never known just how deeply committed to the

proclamation of the gospel the very early discoverers, explorers

and settlers were.  It inspired me at a very deep level and renew-

ed my zeal for getting out the truth of America's real heritage.


The godly lives of all who played a pivotal role in our nation should

be heralded from the roof tops as it defines who we are as a people,

encourages us to fight the good fight of faith no matter what the

odds against us, and motivates us to continue to stand guard over

and fight for the great liberties won by the heroic men and women

of faith who have gone before us.  I hope your information is getting

out to the masses with an ever greater frequency and will do my part

to spread the word.  Thank you for what you have done and what you

are doing to reclaim America's Christian heritage.


May God richly bless you!

D. M.

South Dakota




December 10, 2018


Dear Catherine,


You have been such a great blessing to hundreds

and thousands.  God richly bless you!


B. & E. B.

Indianapolis, Indiana


History Classes Receive Special Visitor

Mrs. Neilson's 6th and 8th grade history classes were treated to a very special visitor last month: Dr. Catherine Millard, Christian author and head of Christian Heritage Ministries. Dr. Millard discussed her most recent book, entitled Sir Isaac Newton's Proof of Creationism. Students were treated to a summary of the book which refutes modern claims that Newton was a Deist who didn't believe in the Trinity.  The compelling book challenges readers to carefully evaluate current historical accounts (such as those found on the Internet) and to return to original documents to ensure they are not misled by revisionism...It was during her research that she became aware of and greatly disturbed by the fact that American history was being rewritten by revisionists who were methodically removing all traces of Christianity.  This discovery led her to her lifetime work, emphasizing the original documents of history and making sure that Americans don't forget the rich Christian heritage of their country.  She has spent hours researching the original documents of our nation's history in the Rare Book Collection of the Library of Congress and she has authored books on this subject.

Her first book, entitled God's Signature over the Nation's Capital, led her to found a ministry called Christian Heritage Tours.  This ministry leads tours explaining the rich Christian history in the architecture, statues, and artwork of our nation's capital and other historic locations.  She also spear-headed a nationwide initiative that created a Christian Heritage Week in all 50 States.  It was a real privilege to have Dr. Millard visiting and instructing some of our history classes during Maryland's Christian Heritage Week this past month.  

Mount Airy Christian Academy
February 16, 2017


February 5, 2015

I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to speak
with us. Interestingly, next week we will be covering the
"Jefferson bible," which even our Bob Jones Curriculum
has wrong. I will be using your book to add context to the
discussion. Also, I am of the opinion that you are a
national treasure as well. Your life stories should be
written in a biographical fashion for readers today, telling
the journey of how you made each of these amazing
discoveries...including the one about the Stained-glass
windows which have been removed from Christ Church,
Philadelphia. They could hear about your journey and be
inspired to follow you in searching out the historical
documents themselves. I think you have an amazing story
and someone should tell it to the world!

Some things for you to think about!
Sincerely in His Service,

Mount Airy Christian Academy
Middle School History

We would like to extend our appreciation for all the
time and effort you have contributed in making the 2004
conference successful. Your expertise and talents have
impacted many lives. Thanks for supporting the MPE


The 2004 Conference Committee
and The Midwest Parent Educators'
Board of Directors


August 19, 2015

Dear Catherine,

It was such a blessing speaking with you today regarding
your book, "A Children's Companion Guide to America's
History." I had ordered it many years ago, and ran across
it yesterday, and spent a delightful afternoon re-reading
it. How amazing it would be if all our precious children
in America could come to know and understand the
Biblical foundation of our beloved America. The encourage-
ment to memorize Scriptures included in this book is so
important. How I pray for God's mercy, and that He will
send a moving of His Spirit across our land. Thank you for
your contribution in informing our children (and adults)
of the truth about the spiritual heritage we have. May God
bless your work and service for Him.

Mrs. D.
Birmingham, AL

                                                           February 11, 2015

Dear Dr. Millard:

We appreciate so much your presenations at our school today. We look
forward to using your publications to enrich our curriculum.

We wish you well in your ministry and pray that the hearts and minds
of children everywhere across this great nation will be open to discover
the truth about its foundations.


Thomas R. Snell, Jr.
Anderson Christian School

Dear Catherine,

Enclosed are the workshop evaluations from the 2012 Home Educators
of Virginia Convention "Home Education: Touching the Heart." Thank
you for making this year's convention a success and know that your
work for HEAV is truly appreciated.

In Him,


Convention Director

What I liked about this workshop:

"Extremely knowledgeable! Fascinating and critically important Presentation.
Recommended for Young Adults and Pre-Teens."

"I loved what you taught us about Christopher Columbus being a Messianic
Jew and his heart for spreading the gospel. Now I look at his voyages as
mission trips. Please come back next year and teach more!"

"This is an extremely important topic and all of us need to learn this. She
is very informed and has done an extremely good presentation."

"Speaker is very knowledgeable."

"Everyone needs to hear this amazing information about our TRUE American

"Very well organized."

"Very informative."

"Opened my eyes. Have heard that things have been omitted from Christian/
American history. Here's the proof."


"Astonishingly informative."

"Please have her again! Extremely well done and informative!"

"Scholarly insight, appreciate speaker's love for God and Truth."

"Thanks for sharing America's true foundation!"


"I attended ALL of Catherine's workshops and cannot say enough good things
about her presentations."

"I just love it all!"

October 20, 2012

Dear Dr. Millard,

Thank you for your presentation last week. Several teachers commented that
our students identified a wide variety of "learnings" from the presentation.
Your enthusiasm/passion and expertise was apparent.

God's blessings,

J. B.

Executive Director/Principal

Valley High School


Dear Catherine,

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your workshops at the Midwest Parent Educators
Conference in Overland Park, Kansas, April 16 and 17, 2004. I am looking forward
to reading your book. Again, enjoyed your seminars and the wealth of your



Kansas City.

March 18, 2000

Dear Catherine,

Thank you for coming to the Educational Policy Conference and sharing your love for
our nation and our children. Thank you for showing how Christian curriculum has been

Your books are so very helpful. Thank you again,

In His service,

Donna Hearne



Vonette Bright
December 7, 1988

Dear Catherine,

     Thank you for your book, God’s Signature over the Nation’s Capital. I will look forward to studying it in more detail. I am so alarmed over the things you were telling me about the disappearance of our Christian heritage when we are so unaware of it happening. I do hope to get the copy of the video from Jim Kennedy.



October 28, 1988

Catherine Millard
Christian Heritage Tours, Inc.
6597 Forest Dew Court
Springfield, Virginia 22152

Dear Catherine,

     Several Sundays ago, I was very impressed with your segment of the program from Coral Ridge Ministries. I wrote them inquiring about a copy of your book, and asking of a Video Tape of your revealing the removal of so many of our religious heritage artifacts from our nation’s capital.

     Coral Ridge Ministries referred me directly to you.

     Do you have available the Video Tape of that program? I would also like to obtain a copy of your book, God’s Signature over the Nation’s Capital.

     As Constitution Chairman of our DAR Chapter, I have been involved in lthe 200th celebration of the Constitution, and am therefore very interested in what you are doing, and what you were telling about our capital.

     This is a grave concern.


San Augustine, TX

March 29, 1988

Dear Catherine,

     Several years ago I saw you being interviewed on the “700 Club” program, and determined then that taking your tour was a “must” the next time I visited Washington, D.C.

     Could you let me know what tours are available, and how much they are.

     Is it possible that you might have tapes available of your Christian Heritage Tours? 

     With deep appreciation for your tremendous contribution in emphasizing the spiritual foundations of our government.


Mrs. R.S.


Dear Catherine,

We want to thank you for taking time to come to our school and speak concerning the rich religious heritage of our United States. You have reminded us how very privileged we are to have the founding fathers that we had. Their desire to found our nation on the truths of god should encourage our congressmen to once again follow the leading of our Heavenly Father.

Your slide presentation made us feel as though we have taken a trip to our nation's capital. The monuments were beautiful!

We are grateful for you and your ministry. You have awakened us to the fact that we need to take a hard look at the direction that our legislature is taking us and return our priorities to letting God guide us.

Thank you again for coming. What an honor it was for us!

Rev. TB
Grand Prairie Evangelical Methodist
Church and Christian School

It was such a joy to be able to interview you while we were at the conference in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I want to thank you for the use of the tapes that I featured for two days on our radio stations.

Thank you so much for your clear presentation on the Christian history of America and the wonderful stories of our forefathers.

May God bless you and your ministry.


Dr. C.O.G.
Trinity Baptist Church

Miss Catherine Millard,

Thank you for taking time out to lecture here in the Spring. I was enrolled in United States Social and Intellectual during the Spring and attended your lecture on the Rewriting of America's History. Your explanation of the planned attempt to move America from her Christian foundation by taking God out of school textbooks and historical teachings made a deep impression on my consciousness. The more that I think about what you said the more I am impressed with the significance and relevance for my studies and profession. I desire to know more about this and be in a position to act.

I plan to be a secondary level social studies teacher and could not do without the information in your book that I am reading, The Rewriting of America's History. I will undoubtedly need more of your books and videos for my future students.

Thank you again for coming. It really has made a difference in my studies. When I am a teacher, one of the first things that I would like to do is make plans to have you come and speak to my class. God bless you!

Marilyn Newborn
Oral Roberts University

Valley Christian School
Northampton, MA

Dear Miss Millard,

We at Valley Christian School deeply appreciate your willingness to visit our school to teach us about our precious American Christian heritage.

We as Christians need to be reminded and taught about our country's Biblical foundations. Your slides and program were excellently presented; you held each child's attention completely.

May God continue to richly bless your ministry.

Sincerely in Christ,
C. W., Principal

Milford School District

The presentation that was given by Dr. Catherine Millard was very enlightening and informative. Various aspects were covered concerning Christopher Columbus and the reason for his voyage, as well as information on Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. An overwhelming amount of significant history was covered with the original documents as evidence of [the] truth. Information on the Trojan Horse, Caeser Rodney, and Pocahontas were also discussed.

Many of the students were... full of excitement at the end of the presentation. The material was very informative, interesting, and stimulating to the mind. This type of information can cause one to become more interested in researching their history.

The material was very well presented, and I was as impressed as the students. This presentation is an excellent opening for any student to become more interested in research.

P. W.
6th Grade Teacher

Delmar School District
Delmar, Delaware

Dear Dr. Millard and Mrs. Hewitt,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to sit in on your presentation to Mrs. Melvin's history class at Delmar High School this morning. I have heard many positive reflections in the past, but never had the opportunity to hear it myself.

It is always enlightening to come away with knowledge when someone speaks, but I had no idea I would learn so much in such a short time. In the half hour I spent with you, I learned a number of aspects about United States and Delaware early history that I never had understood before. From Caesar Rodney to Betsy Ross to George Washington and Patrick Henry, you portrayed critical elements that actually changed the course of our beginnings, leading us to the wonderful freedoms we enjoy today. Further, as you so vividly portray, these were people of high moral character and values, something we are working hard to instill in our students today.

Please feel free to come back and share with Delmar your knowledge and experience whenever you are available; and, again, thank you for contributing to the students and community.

G. S., Ed. D

Houston Baptist University

Dear Catherine,

It was great to have you on campus. I believe your visit here, along with your books and tapes, will have a long term impact.

Thank you for all you do to advance the Kingdom of God.

J. W. Assistant Vice President, Church Relations

Dear Dr. Millard:

It was a privilege and delight to sit in on your lectures at First Baptist Church in Red Bank, and at our church's school, Maranatha Christian Academy. (You may remember me as visiting with my home-schooling family). Thank you for sacrificing your earthly treasures of time and money to warn Christian Americans of the dangers that threaten our great nation, and for advancing the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ with boldness and joy.

Since reading The Rewriting of America's History, I have been encouraging others to purchase and read it as well. With the book, Great American Statesmen and Heroes, I have gained a clearer understanding of the battle which is taking place in our country, and the need for Christians to be equipped to speak boldly against the foes of America's Constitutional Republic, Christian history, and the family unit. (Of course, our real foe is that deceiver Satan).

I desire to share this information with others and will have opportunities in the very near future with several key people. May I have permission to reproduce your Original Conclusion for distribution to a select group of individuals including further information about your books as special historical resources? My desire is to inform, warn and awaken believers to those dangers described in your books, challenging them to walk in "good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them"...(Ephesians 2:10).

As Co-laborer in Christ,

October 14, 2001

Dr. Catherine Millard,

My name is Thomasyne Nobles. My son, Will, and I came to Jackson upon the invitation of Senator White to hear you speak.
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Dear Dr. Millard:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed listening to you on the American Family Radio program. I listen to KBDE out of Waco, Texas. I am currently serving a 20 year sentence in state prison. 
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December 14, 2020

Dear Dr. Millard,

I celebrate how God has used you as His instrument
to convey His story through the lives of God’s
people from long ago, roots almost forgotten,
preserved by you in such an outstanding way.

Thank you for blessing me with the actual books.
Your latest “Thomas Jefferson” in 2020 is part of
the exposure you gave my family and others who
benefitted from your guidance, opening doors
to the past we didn’t realize existed. Again, thank

The communists have taken over the Democratic
Party. I first was exposed to their efforts in the
early 1950’s. My Mother, a housewife, and my
Father, H. A., concerned about good fundamental
schooling in Pasadena in the late 1940’s, began
my family’s fight for America here in California

In 1956, Mother wrote about Pasadena schools and
the education these people were establishing in
her book, “Education or Indoctrination.” You have
preserved the evidence of what we Americans need
to hear and learn about the actual Christian roots.

Your books will help our community to learn and
then apply what you have saved for all of us.

Respectfully yours,

H. A., California.




September 22nd, 2020

I really enjoyed your latest article on Statuary Hall.
There is sin in the camp. We have been worshipping
Baal. Grace is our overdue longsuffering from

R.T., New Jersey.


October 25, 2018


Dear Dr. Millard,


Thanks so much for sending me a copy of your new book

on Patrick Henry.  That was so thoughtful of you.  I look

forward to reading it, and I hope many others in this day of

political ignorance and confusion will read it and learn

about the Christian foundations of our great nation.  Your

work is so vital, and you have been so faithful in it.  Thank

you for your service to our Lord and to our nation.


May God bless you with many more years of health and

continued productivity.


Yours for Him,

Jim Kinnebrew

Dean and Professor of Theology

Luther Rice College and Seminary

Atlanta, Georgia


Idaville United Brethren In Christ Church
Idaville, PA. 17337

October 17, 1985

Dear Catherine,

     I hope this finds you, and finds you well. For some reason you were on my mind today and I picked up my alumni directory. I hope you remember me. I was one of the young seminarians you befriended at Capital. 

     I was a prison chaplain for a while and almost two years ago now, joined a small denomination and took one of their churches. We live in the mountains above Gettysburg, Pa. in the Orchards, a picturesque little town and church. We run about 110 on a Sunday morning. S.W. is pastoring a large church in Texas. D.O. is pastoring in N.Y. and K.W. is ready to leave for the Middle East with wife and baby as missionaries. 

     I wanted to tell you something that during our hectic times in school slipped my mind. I really appreciated the way you befriended us and encouraged us, during those brutal senior year months. Your smile and encouragement and prayers for us really kept me going. I still have the small gift you gave us for graduation. Thank you for that friendship and influence when we were so far from it. I’m sure God is blessing your life and ministry. 

In Christ,

S.J. ’82 - Capital Sem.

Author Describes God's Signature Over the Nation's Capital
By David Becker

Beltsville, Maryland. 
Catherine Millard, founder of Christian Heritage Tours, Inc., autographed copies of her 192-page volume, God's Signature Over the Nation's Capital: Evidence of Your Christian Heritage, at the Greater Washington Christian Education Association Convention.

Miss Millard comments, "In the earliest documentation we have on record at the Library of Congress of the United States, up through approximately 50 to 60 years ago, Christianity is woven into the warp and woof of this nation's history. The framers of the Constitution turned to Scripture and prayer for guidance in formulating a new system of government, while most of America's greatest leaders, statesmen and inventors gave all glory to Almighty God, as the source and strength of their power and ability. (pp. 14-15)

The book contains numerous photos and illustrations and is very thorough. describing early American history, Miss Millard writes that "A good wife and mother, as well as a virtuous woman, Martha Washington read her Bible daily, meditating and praying each morning before tackling her daily tasks and responsi-bilities." (p. 103.)   Dr. Richard C. Halverson, Chaplain, United States Senate, notes, "Catherine Millard has devoted herself to a study of the Biblical, Judaic/Christian values which are at the root of our blessed nation."

At a time when some of the leading politicians in the nation's capital are cracking up their lives, this book is especially vital. Catherine Millard has performed a valuable service.

Dear  Christian Heritage Ministries,

Christian Greetings! I just wanted to let you know that I have been receiving your newsletter and I thank you very much for sending it to me. I enjoy it very much and look forward to each issue. Keep printing and saying the truth, for all that hunger for God's truth. God is always a part of His people's history and nobody can take that away. Some may be blinded and have not seen the light. God is life & history. For all Christians the Bible is their "Heritage" and "Truth".

...I like reading to learn, to search for truth and pass my time with some worth.

I thank you for the time and understanding. ... You all [are] in my prayers and thoughts. Have a Merry Christmas. God bless you!

In Christ's name,
B. H.

Saranac Community Schools
Saranac, Michigan

Christian Heritage Ministries,

Two years ago I began using Dr. Millard's text The Rewriting of America's History in my freshman Civics class. I found that the texts being used in our U.S. History classes and those from which I had to choose for my Civics class, did not correctly exemplify the beliefs and experiences that inspired the Founding Fathers. I began using Dr. Millard's text to propagate discussion and to expose my students to the idea of needing to research and verify facts and opinions of so called 'experts' in order to develop an opinion of their own. One based on facts and not the mere regurgitation of what I have taught them or that they read in the text.

You will never know the astonishment and joy that I experienced when I arrived home to find two boxes of Dr. Millard's history curricula on my doorstep. After reading it I can see that this is exactly what was needed to keep my students involved and active in his or her understanding of this important historical, cultural, and spiritual material. I will be able to use this as a companion text to The Rewriting of America's History and my students will come away with a much deeper understanding of the revisionist movement in our country. I can hope for no more than to have them become as Jefferson called for, "enlightened citizens".

It was a tremendous struggle to get my school district to purchase my original copies of The Rewriting of America's History. It would have taken two or three years to show them the necessity of adding this curriculum to my mandatory reading list. I cannot express the appreciation and gratitude that I am feeling for these books. It truly was an answer to prayer. Even though I faithfully believe that this is the will of our Lord, and as His bond servants we are merely doing His will, I praise Him for you, your organization, and the people who donate time, money, and prayer for the glorification of His name.

Yours in Christ,
K. R. S.



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